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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Study Shows Complexity Of Coho Life Histories; Migration Diversity Aids Overall Survival

Friday, May 09, 2014 A study of coho salmon in three small Olympic Peninsula rivers with estuaries show a complex life history that includes juveniles that migrate to sea early in their first year and others that stay in the…

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Climategate debunked again

By Elijah Wolfson    Newsweek 5/8/14 The tree-ring divergence problem, at the center of 2009’s “Climategate,” can be explained by normal changes in light intensity Mark Ralston/AFP/GettyInNovember 2009, climate skeptics had their day in the sun when an anonymous hacker posted…

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Brazil’s ‘chainsaw queen’ takes on environmentalists

Ambitious politician Kátia Abreu leads agricultural lobby in loosening controls on Amazon deforestation, Monday 5 May 2014 17.20 EDT Brazilian senator Kátia Abreu, known by critics as Miss Deforestation, chainsaw queen and the face of evil. Photograph: Bloomberg/Getty Images…

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Northern District Court Judge smacks down Caltrans over Smith River

SAN FRANCISCO— In response to a lawsuit from environmental groups, Northern District Court Judge James Donato issued a preliminary injunction late Friday stopping Caltrans from doing any further work on a controversial highway-widening project along the wild and scenic Smith…

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Fire Suppression expenses to eat up Prevention budget

This Year’s Wildfires Could Incinerate the Nation’s Fire Budget —By Tim McDonnell Mother Jones  Thu May. 1, 2014 2:27 PM PDT California has already logged 1,000 wildfires this year. AP Photo/The Press-Enterprise, Stan Lim The upcoming wildfire season could…

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American Bird Conservancy to Take Legal Action Over FWS 30-Year Eagle Kill Rule

  (Washington, D.C., April 30, 2014) A leading bird conservation organization—American Bird Conservancy (ABC)—has announced its intention to sue the Department of the Interior (DOI), charging DOI with multiple violations of federal law in connection with its December 9, 2013,…

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